World Cup is here, speculation incoming and FPL winners

I made a comment about the World Cup in my last post and how I thought it was a joke. It isn't a joke, it's a very serious tournament and even though it was sold, sorry, awarded to Qatar this time, I think we might see one of the best ones in a long time.

I've even asked to have a TV put up in the outer room to my office so I can watch the games and others can join. And yes, we have a full bar in the office.

What I meant by joke wasn't the tournament, but how it ended up in Qatar. Having dealt with FIFA in the past or should I say, having have to deal with FIFA in the past, I can confirm the organisation was corrupt and made up of thieves and liars. I could get in to trouble for writing that, but they've tried to take me to court before and nothing happened, so I suspect nothing will happen this time.

The thing is, this will all be forgotten if it is a great World Cup and the chances for that are high. The players are essentially peaking right about now and it's not happening at the end of a season when they've peaked and are tired and even though right now, as I write this post, it's 32°C I'm sure there will be many breaks in games for players to get water on and the temperature will also determine how games are approached and played.

We could be about to witness something special. Hopefully. And also hopefully we see the 2030 tournament, awarded to England.

That said, this is a blog for Aston Villa and well, there isn't much to write about at the moment. The win at Brighton the other day has set us up for the rest of the season and we find ourselves in a very good place. There is also the ongoing speculation surrounding new players and I'm confident we'll see a player or two come in, but I don't think it will be many and I think it's going to be a player or two the manager knows well, either they'd have played for him or they'll be from Spain.

I have a feeling this manager knows the importance of not changing things too drastically and he'll also recognise there is a good squad here.

FPL winners

We've also got a winner for the November FPL and if your team name is Ken Taylor and your team name is Penguinz, reach out to me. Also, for October, I've still not heard from Tommy Daly. Tommy, if I don't hear from you soon you'll miss out on your prize.

And if you forgot, all prizes courtesy of Luke.