Worry seems to be the word, Bournemouth at the weekend and wanting to be good at what you do

Well, it's the middle of the week and fortunately for us Aston Villa fans, there is no Premier League match this weekend so we can rest easy a little. And I suspect the manager is quite relieved too because the pressure would be mounting on him if we lost in the league again and while it's not the type of pressure where he might lose his job, it's that worse type of pressure where you start to question if you've chosen the right career path.

Nobody wants to think they're not very good at what they do and surely he must be questioning his own ability. He could argue that maybe he hasn't had that much money, but he's spent £45,000,000 as manager of Aston Villa so he's had a fair chunk of change and you know what, he'll be questioning himself because it shouldn't be about money, but what you do with what you've got.

And even though I was never very good at counting, he's brought in over 20 players. It's a lot of players to bring in and when you finish the last match with six players that were already at the club before you arrived, these things all point towards a man that is lost or trying to paddle up a river with a tennis racquet.

The magic of the FA Cup

There is a funny statistic going round. It's also not very funny, it's very worrying, but our opponents in the FA Cup this weekend have actually scored more goals in Birmingham this season than we have. It is worrying because they're also flying high in the Championship, which isn't a good sign for us.

You see, we're trying to play like a proper football team at the moment and at the weekend we have to go scrap with a Championship side. This is normally something that would have given me confidence, because our manager knows how to scrap, but seeing as we're playing this new way I'm not so sure we're going to be able to cope.

And you know what, I'd be happy if we didn't make it through. And this isn't me contradicting myself. For regular readers you'll know that I think the cups are massively important and my footballing values centre of winning things because winning matches means you win silverware and for me, it's about winning competitions, but right now, I do fear for our Premier League status.

And I think a distraction of a cup run isn't going to be good for us. How many sides have focused on the cup to be relegated. It's not for us and I'd really like it if our manager had to concentrate on one thing. I worry that if he has to think about too many things, he starts to lose focus.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to spank Bournemouth at the weekend and go on to win the FA Cup, but not at the expense of relegation. And maybe I'm worrying about too much. Maybe it's all going to come together very soon and the FA Cup is just going to spur us on to do better.

I like magic, but it's all a deception. This weekend is important to an extent, but the truth is we're not going to win anything this season and we're three points above the bottom three and currently bottom of the current form table. The focus really should be on surviving, so if we go out, I wont be too disappointed or surprised.

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