Would you be surprised and a win at the weekend

I had a really good post written yesterday then I closed the window and lost it. Gutted, because it was a good one. Not as gutted as I feel about the football at the moment, but that is all going to change this weekend.

You see, we're going to beat Reading and while mathematically Reading could easily still stay up, that for me is going to be a nail in the coffin for them.

And we'll win the next game too. We have to. We're bigger than the likes of Reading and QPR and our team of players are better. The way we play football is better too. I'm not saying this is the team to take us forward, but they are our team now and they are better than those two teams.

And I think it it will be either Wigan, Southampton or us that is the third side down this season and while there is every chance it is us, I don't want to believe it will be. If we lose on Saturday though, it could be.

Just as easily as me predicting it is them, if we lose, it could very well be us. And if we cant beat the sides below us, when we're already in the relegation zone, then we deserve it.

But Aston Villa will win

And even if Reading are the favourites and we're 8/11 to be relegated, I say it's rubbish. We'll win this weekend and survice. You'll get evens on us surviving and that is a good bet.

But there are no surprises in football anymore and I think it could come down to the last game of the season against Wigan. I think Wigan know how they have to play these last games and I'm not sure we do. They know they have to beat teams like Reading and try and pick up points against the likes of Manchester City.

Are you surprised that the players are getting wheeled out talking about confidence? Are you surprised that others are saying things like we are up for the fight? I'm bloody surprised the club are talking about relegation battles. But I'm not surprised by the ineptness of the club anymore, so that surprise is null and void.

But we'll survive. But let me ask you a question; would you be surprised if Aston Villa were relegated?