Yabba Dabba Doo! The twelfth man

If they were called something else I'd not make as many mistakes

I read lots of headlines. Mostly on Google, NewsNow and Twitter but sometimes because I randomly follow a link or find something interesting from somewhere else. I just read one that got me thinking.

It was questioning if the twelfth man had an impact on Saturday Sunday and it was one of those that got me thinking. It got me thinking because for me, the twelfth man always has an impact and to ask the question, for me anyway, only causes confusion and doubt that maybe it doesn't and for me, it is clear as day.

If the twelfth man is in a bad mood and shows it, then it will have an impact. The twelfth man was in a good mood on Saturday Sunday and for me anyway, it had an impact.

I can not show you how, but I can point to the three points. I can point to us not conceding late on and I can point to a huge sigh of relief at the final whistle. But at the exact same time you can point and say that none of those things can be directly linked to success or better results.

The goal

But did you notice on Saturday Sunday, that right before we scored, the twelfth man woke up. He woke up not because of some trickery or a comprehensive few minutes, but he woke up. He woke up and we scored.

Now, that could just be a coincidence, but I like to think that it isn't. I sometimes like to think that there is no such thing as coincidence, but I went through a stage in my early 20's when I'd buy into anything and read too many books and did too many things that maybe I shouldn't go into on a blog.

My point is, the twelfth man had an impact. The twelfth man always has an impact. The impact of the twelfth man, on the match, is very much controlled by the mood the twelfth man is in. If the twelfth man believes and is in good voice, more often than not, the result will be a positive one.

The twelfth man has a role to play

You can argue over the merits of the twelfth man at the weekend but I like to think that because he was in a good mood, it played a positive role in the result. I like to think that, because if others believe it too and others see that it might have worked and that they have nothing to lose in doing it again, the result against Stoke might also be three points.

There is nothing to lose in finding out, it just has to be more than one match or three. It has to for all matches and all time.

In time, we will see the impact and in time, belief will grow. But the twelfth man woke a little yesterday and he woke at the right time. Hopefully it continues for the rest of the season and hopefully it continues next season. Then, I believe we will see the real strength of the twelfth man.