Yin and Yang, League Cup tomorrow and some speculation

We've won our opening two games of the season, for the first time since the 1999-00 season and both times showing great character to come from behind. Me, I'm happy and I think most Aston Villa fans are. They're happy because they understand we're not actually at Hogwarts.

The football wasn't the best, but it was a decent match and I for one enjoyed it. I really enjoyed seeing John McGinn put on a Villa shirt, I liked how Jack was as composed as ever (still wish he'd shoot a little more), I also liked how Green put in a shift and I really liked how we went to the last minute to get the win.

We've not had this kind of spirit at Aston Villa for a few years. We've had the managers that talked of it, but we never had it in the team and we were never presented with it. I think the last time was Martin O'Neill and we all know what happened there.

I've got to go back to John McGinn for a moment though, sorry. For me, he made the type of impact that can create real optimism. He assisted in two goals (Jack only assisted in six last season) and was everywhere. He played with purpose and made a real, tangible impact. If he plays like that for the rest of the season, he'll create more chances and he'll score a few too.

And I'm not trying to compare him to Jack, because Jack is different. Jack is more composed and less about creating chances or scoring, but about creating space, opportunities (hopefully about shooting more too) and about lifting the team and level of the game. What I am trying to do is show that we have now both, a sort of Yin and Yang, a balance.

I know it's too soon to get carried away and we've been promised so much early on from players before, but as soon as the rumours started, I emailed people in Glasgow and the general consensus was that he was going to be a star next season for Celtic and that he'd be just as good for us in the Championship. I'm getting a little carried away, but we're allowed to get a little carried away.

League Cup tomorrow

And because we're a Championship side, we get football all the time now. And tomorrow we start with the League Cup against Yeovil Town. They are two games into the season and they've picked up a point, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a walk in the park for us. Sure, we should win, but just like we've been promised so much from new signings before we also know what it's like to go to the fourth division, it's never easy.

And even though it's early in the season, I suspect the manager will make changes. Not necessarily to rest players, but to give others match time and get them up top speed. Me, I'm looking forward to the match and yes, for me it's all about silverware, but this season the only silverware I'm really interested in, is the trophy you get for winning the division. It's a big ask, but not impossible.

More players this week

And I'm going to end my Monday morning post with a rumour. There is talk that the deal to bring Robert Snodgrass back has been done. It's just talk and might turn into nothing, but I for one hope it's true. With Green on he left and Snoddy on the right, Jack and John in the middle, I'm going to be very happy. If we happen to bring in a central defender to play alongside Chester too, I think we'd all be happy with that, but probably also happy that we played a central defender in the middle of the back four.

It's a rumour, but I suspect we'll find out soon enough. And on that, it's time for me to get back to work. It's going to be a long week!

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