You don't play that kind of football at a club like Aston Villa

Sometimes, words work. The club will have you believe that actions speak louder than words, but the truth is and they know this better than most, that words just work.

With that in mind, I'm just quoting other people today about yesterday.

I'm doing this, because the performance, the attitude and the desire, was a joke. Most knew this was going to be the case when Alex McLeish took over but some refused to believe it.

And for the life of me, I can not understand how he got the job. It still baffles me today and what is more baffling is why he i still in the job.


John Barnes
You can play that kind of football at Birmingham, but not at a club like Aston Villa.

Do I need to explain what he is saying here? It isn't about who we played, it is about our entire mentality at the club right now.

Kevin Keegan
That was the worst home performance ever.

Oh dear.

Scott Murray, Guardian
That was possibly the worst game of football ever played. No blame attached to United, who did what they had to do, away from home. Villa, however, were nothing short of an ambition-free disgrace. Premier League football isn’t cheap, and their fans deserve better entertainment than that. The home fans - the ones who could be bothered to stay until the end - boo their team off. To repeat a question from the first half: I wonder how long this Alex McLeish business will last?

A look back in time

To top it all off - Birmingham City had exactly the same amount of points as us at this stage last season and the exact same goal difference.

Only one thing left - I don't think I need to write it, but it is Liverpool next at Villa Park. You know what is needed.