Rant of the day, the football family and customers not supporters

It has been a while since I posted and the guilt has been eating at me, so here it is. A post to question the game or business of football. Or really, just a post for me to get something off my chest because we sort of all know the game and business of football is broken.

And it's happening right in front of us. And aren't we all one big family and as family members, shouldn't we be able to say something?

We still don't know when supporters will be able to watch matches in the stadium. I doubt it will be this year and until we get a vaccine or you can prove you've had it and that we know for sure that once you've had it you are immune and for how long that immunity lasts, I think it might be some time away.

And because of this, Clubs are going to go bust. Members of our family are going to die and we're going to let it happen.

But we're not really a family are we. We don't care about the Clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two, let alone all the Clubs under those levels. If we did, we'd have had something in place for a moment just like this. But that is ridiculous, isn't it. I mean nobody could have predicted this happening or the impact of this.

But we're not doing anything today to fix this problem. Instead, we're looking to get started as quickly as possible so we can generate more money for the elite Clubs. We're not a family, we're like a district from the Hunger Games.

What we should be doing now, that I wrote about in March, is planning for next season with as much protection in place for all Clubs. UEFA should be cancelling all tournaments and The Football Association should put the Premier League in their place and cancelling this season and treating all leagues in this country the same. But we're not a family, we're just trying to save as much of the money as we can so we can pay the people that need to be paid.

And I actually don't know what is going on or when the Premier League is planning on starting again. I just know it's wrong and that supporters and by supporters I mean supporters of all Clubs, are not even in the equation other than as a vehicle to generate money. We're customers now, not supporters.

What happens in the lowest League in this country should be what happens at the top league. I mean, we're a family right?

Have I missed something of relevance to Aston Villa recently? Please tell me below and U suppose I should apologise as this is just me ranting, but I'd like to point out I ranted like this when this all broke. It's just annoying that we're going to call in the credibility of everything we thought was credible, for the sake of money.

And yes, I have a solution to fix this entire game and it's to bring in a wage cap that would still make players millionaires, but it would mean every Club in the Premier League could afford to bring in the type of player that they maybe can't today. And there would also be a cap on profits for each Club, whereby the owners would still be able to make millions, but the rest would go into the game.

But it's only a small few that don't want this because it jeopardises their control on the game and ability to compete for the money. And that is my point, make making money equal, so every Club can make and the game prospers.