Eight Aston Villa players in the Actim Top 100 as of September 29th

Someone emailed in and pointed out that as of today we have eight players in the Actim Top 100 and you know, when you can only play eleven, that's not a bad return and should be something that is praised.

I started to shake for a moment then, so much so that I've even created a new section where statistics are going to go in future and this is the first post of the new statistics section and we will be adding to this twice a week.

So, seeing as Actim is a popular way to get rankings and seeing as the are used in our fantasy football game, we are going to look a little more at statistics over this season, or that is what I'd like to do, we will have to see if it actually happens.

Aston Villa Players in Actim Top 100

  • 20th: Gabby Agbonlahor - 121 points
  • 44th: James Collins - 98 points
  • 50th: Brad Friedel - 93 points
  • 55th: Ashley Young - 86 points
  • 61st: Carlos Cueller - 82 points
  • 82nd: James Milner - 75 points
  • 83rd: Richard Dunne - 74 points
  • 94th: Stan Petrov - 69 points

Top 10 Keepers

  • 5th: Brad Friedel

Top 10 Strikers

  • 10th: Gabby Agbonlahor

We don't have any players in the team of the week or team of the season yet but it's still early doors. This could all change and in case you were wondering, those numbers above are for the season so far, so we will be updating this each week as and when the numbers change, but it's not bad going so far.