Aston Villa have six players in their respective top tens

It is that time again, when I sit here bored, relaxing with my thoughts (that is from a film) and find myself clicking on one of those links that you know you shouldn't click unless you have time to spare and a locked office door. Sorry, what was I thinking, it was the Actim Index stats page.

Now, I like to take a look at these every now and then, just because well, it is a pretty good indicator of how your team is doing - if you are doing well, your players tend to go up and if you are not, they tend to go down. We are basically floating around the same place, but I'm not going to delve into them too much.

I could delve, but it isn't really fair for me to one day bang the drum about the only table that matters is the one at the end of the season, then the day after look at the Actim Top 100. So, for your viewing pleasure - you can look at the numbers yourself below.

But there is one I really can't understand. How come Big Brad is the fourth best keeper after letting in so few goals; anyone know the answer?

Aston Villa Players in Actim Top 100 - March 18th 2010

  • 5th: Gabby Agbonlahor - 477 points
  • 13th: Ricardo Dunne - 409 points
  • 16th: King Carlos - 391 points
  • 20th: James Milner - 380 points
  • 21st: Webcam - 379 points
  • 38th: Big Brad - 343 points
  • 74th: Stiliyan Petrov - 279 points
  • 87th: The Ginger One - 272 points

Top 10 Keepers

  • 4th: Brad Friedel

Top 10 Defenders

  • 3rd: Ricardo Dunne
  • 4th: King Carlos

Top 10 Midfielders

  • 4th: James Milner
  • 5th: Webcam

Top 10 Strikers

  • 4th: Gabby Agbonlahor