Getting stattastically specific, five of eleven from Aston Villa

Evening all and a little warning first that this will be the last post of the day and it's a nice positive one to end the day on. Hold on a second, three posts in one day and not a negative vibe amongst them. We'll have to change that tomorrow, but for now, something really positive.

The positive thing is, that if you look at the top eleven players in the Actim Index as of 11am today, you will find five, yes five of them are Aston Villa players. You'll also find that the two best defenders in the league are both Aston Villa players.

Now, last time we checked the statistics, way back on December 14th, we only had one in the top eleven. Today, we have five and that is quite an impressive leap.

But, rather than me, warble on further than necessary, I have a copy and paste thing to do so you get all the players in the top 100 and in every department. Pretty impressive isn't it.

Aston Villa Players in Actim Top 100

  • 4th: Gabby Agbonlahor - 320 points
  • 8th: Ashley Young - 293 points
  • 9th: James Milner - 278 points
  • 10th: Carlos Cuellar - 277 points
  • 11th: Richard Dunne - 268 points
  • 23rd: Brad Friedel - 245 points
  • 60th: Stiliyan Petrov - 201 points
  • 76th: Stephen Warnock - 184 points
  • 99th: James Collins - 170 points

Top 10 Keepers

  • 2nd: Brad Friedel

Top 10 Defenders

  • 1st: Carlos Cuellar
  • 2nd: Richard Dunne

Top 10 Midfielders

  • 3rd: Ashley Young
  • 4th: James Milner

Top 10 Strikers

  • 3rd: Gabby Agbonlahor

On this positive note, I leave you. I bid farewell for a few short hours, while I refresh, recharge and have a think about how we are going to get all these statistics I am now sitting on onto the site so we have a nice statistics page for all things Aston Villa.