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Hereford tonight and Fabulous Delph

It isn't often I immediately buy into a player but I have with Fabian Delph. When the speculation started up I had my concerns, but then I had time to look out for him, watch as many Leeds games as I could and while he has been here for a while now, his attitude seems perfect and that is why I'm tagging him Fabulous from now on, because he really could be for us.

Now, if you offer me £80,000 a week to play football, I'd sell my wife - most of us would. But if you're earning £60,000 a week already, have a couple of million in the bank and know that you'll earn enough over the rest of your career so your grandchildren will never have to work and you will have a life the majority can only dream about, then maybe if more and more think like that or best case scenario, the authorities fix the game, we will start to see more and more loyalty.

I write that because that is the impression I get from Delph and I know I'm convincing myself and there is no real basis for this and it is more a hope, but there was something that made me start to think this and that was possibly why I bought into this player. I'll say it now; we need to offer him a five year contract and with the likes of Bannan, Clark, Albrighton, Hogg and others, build a team around these players.

Add to the team with the likes of Bent and Given - but build a team around homegrown players or in the case of Delph real young talent that you will have for a few years and can mould.

Man of the Match: Mr Fabulous

I'm writing this because he won the man of the match vote for the victory over Blackburn at the weekend and it was deserved. I know Gabby scored and he also got a lot of votes, but Delph was the clear winner.

So, I've probably gone on a little too much with Delph and my biggest fear is that we see it for a few games and then he fades away, but I've just got a feeling we wont with this player and I think that is why I quite like him. Back to the hope.

League Cup

So, with that match over, we focus on another and expect more of the younger players to be playing tonight, because Hereford are sitting in 23rd place in Division Four at the moment and while this will be their biggest game of the season, they've picked up one point from a possible twelve - they are struggling.

But it is the biggest game they will play this season and it is a potential banana skin for the manager. I don't think he will go all out reserve side, but the bench will probably look quite impressive. Expect Stephen Ireland to start with the likes of Guzan, Clark, Bannan, Albrighton and Heskey. Not that bad a team is it and we might even see the likes of Hogg, Lichaj and maybe The Fonz.

I'm not sure the game is on anywhere other than the radio but we will be running the best possible update service we can, but if you're in the area, I fancy you'll be able to get a ticket for tonight and I fancy you might see a few goals.

So, that is it for now - I don't think there is anything else going on at the moment, so this is where I'm going to leave you, with a feeling that I am forgetting something. If I remember, I'll come back.