Aston Villa to unveil William McGregor statue before match against Spurs in November

The statue that fans have been raising money for of William McGregor is set to be unveiled on November 28th before the match against Spurs. A time is to be confirmed, but I guess it means the target has been raised.

From memory, the club put up half and the supporters were to raise the other half. We did our little bit here and I'm sure many of you also donated, so a pat on the back is deserved.

You could say that without William McGregor there might not be a football league and because of his work in setting it up, the statue, that will be placed just outside the Directors Entrance at Villa Park, will be a reminder to all that walk past it, that without Aston Villa, none of this might be happening right now.

We will let let you know more as and when we find it out about times, but if it is to happen on the day of a match, I suspect it might be a good time to gather round and watch.

As with all posts now and the wonder that is YouTube, we also have a video about William McGregor, well sort of. {rokbox title=|William McGregor :: Founder of the Football League| text=|Click here to watch it|size=|640 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} and well, enjoy.