Alex McLeish needs time and Randy is great, just misunderstood

Alex McLeish demonstrated at the weekend that he has this uncanny ability to get his team up for the important matches. The epic battle that took place on Saturday showed us why he needs time and why, if we put our trust in him, it will come good.

And you could use the argument for Randy Lerner too especially when you look at our net spend on transfer since he took over - we're at over £10mn a season now and that type of investment doesn't come cheap.

Surely, we have to support the owner by filling Villa Park, hoarding club merchandise, in the hope that one day it might be worth something and sing his name from the rafters.

Don't forget what we left behind when we sought a new owner - do you want to go back?

Yes, I'm taking the ...

One result means nothing and this is me poking fun at those that think Alex McLeish is the man, because of it - he isn't. He is actually so far from the man that they're not even communicating in the same language. If anything, the weekend just demonstrated how fortunate our manager is.

When Wolves went down to ten men - you saw the panic on his face. He didn't know what to do. Fortunately, we had Robbie Keane and with his four shots, he scored twice. That is what Robbie Keane does and take Robbie Keane out of that match and we don't have anyone that can do that, that the manager is willing to play in the right way.

No, the title of my post was just to wind a few up - but if you want, I can write something that makes you think I've gone mad, but I give you more credit than that and you don't have time for it either. But Randy - he is a different story, almost.

Here for the cash

Pretty much since day one, I've question Lerner and his cronies. We had General PR spinning and spinning on the forums and I questioned that while many fell at his feet and took what he said as gospel. Credit where credit is due - others saw it as PR - I wasn't alone, but so many didn't.

But I was alone suggesting Lerner was only here for the cash and it is starting to look like that a bit now. Net spend on transfers since he took over in 2006 is just over £10mn a season, the club is in more debt, to Randy, than it ever has been in its history and all things point to Doug Ellis.

When I say Doug Ellis, what I mean is, all things point to this is exactly how Doug operated the club, but without the debt and didn't people march on that basis - hell, if Doug had created that amount of debt too - some would have camped out at Villa Park and lit candles.

but we wanted it and we got it and actually, I think we should embrace Lerner.

I honestly do think we should embrace him at the exact same time as understand he is here for what he can get out of us. You see, financial success of a football club can be directly linked to success on the pitch. For him to make more money we have to be more successful and you know what - he is either going to sell up or start investing again ... one day. It is the Doug Ellis way.

And you know what, at least he isn't a chicken farmer and for that, we should be grateful. Embrace Lerner, because we don't know what else we will get, if we piss him off or he loses interest completely.

Back to football

I have to leave you soon, but I just wanted to remind you of the three points at the weekend and didn't it feel good. So good in fact that McLeish has spoken about his desire to sign Robbie Keane. Fool.

It is all about the three points these days. We have nothing else to play for. Little hope as a football club with this manager, so when we get lucky, which we did with Keane in the side, we should, much like Randy Lerner, embrace it for as long as we can, because it might not happen again for a while.

I'm going to have a great week off the back of it and I suggest you do too.