Corrupt FIFA, the manager, Ashley and Brad: Could be an interesting week for Aston Villa

Sepp Blatter might have cleared himself, but that doesn't mean FIFA isn't corrupt. FIFA is as corrupt as it gets and everyone knows it - the suspensions of Jack Warner and Mohamed Bin Hammam over bribery allegations is proof enough.

So that means the FIFA presidential vote, taking place on Wednesday, will go ahead with only one persons name on the ballot and that simply isn't right. You could actually argue that it is the clearest indication of corruption there is.

So, if there is an association anywhere on this planet that will support me, I'd like to put my name forward for the vote on Wednesday. I'm not joking either. If an association someone has the balls to stand up to Sepp Blatter, I'll put my name forward and I have one simple pledge: more money for grassroots football everywhere and a salary cap brought in, gradually over the next ten years, so that in ten years the vast majority of the money now going on player salaries, will go back into the game.

Football isn't complicated - if anything, Barcelona showed us that on Saturday, so presiding over this game shouldn't be difficult either. It is just about facilitating and making things as open and transparent as possible. There are a lot of bright people involved in the game so why do we make it difficult?

To Aston Villa

Right, my mini rant over, time to focus on Aston Villa and there is going to be news this week. First, Brad Friedel is going to sign for Spurs, that is if you believe what you read in the papers. I tend to believe this, because he wasn't let go last week, despite his contract ending at the same time as Nigel Reo-Coker and John Carew, but his contract was up, so it suggests the club tried to do everything they could to keep him.

Which would make you think that maybe he isn't going anywhere, but I just have a feeling. Either way, I think we will find out about him this week at the same time, I think we will find out about Ashley Young too.

I read something last night where someone wrote about Ashley Young having had a medical with Manchester United last Friday and that this week it was about doing the deal. These days it's all about player power (something I would change if I was elected FIFA president) so if Young wants it to happen, either at Manchester United or somewhere else, I suspect it will and because of the nature of this deal, I suspect we will hear sooner rather than later, if it is to happen.

Which does lead me to players coming in. If we are letting players leave, ten last week and maybe two more this week, then we are going to see more coming in, but I also think, before that happens, we are going to hear about the managerial role first and I do believe we will hear about that this week too.

So, three things we might hear about this week, four if you count the FIFA presidents job, but we all know where that is going. Could be an interesting week. I'm off for breakfast.