It's a turning point for Aston Villa, Ashley Young and European football

I was going to post yesterday and Monday but work got in the way. Then I had a glass of wine with dinner and that meant the post wasn't going to happen in the evening either. Then I thought it's not actually something I need to write.

You see, what I write, you've already thought or seen on Twitter. I'm not writing anything new.

Or am I?

I'm not, honestly. But what a Sunday it was right?

And I know it's only the European Vase or whatever the League is called, but it's European football and it's happened when the manager joined in November. It's huge. And it's a big step in the right direction for Aston Villa.

I said it before the match and I'll say it again, it was a turning point for Aston Villa and I know that's a big thing to write, but I believe it to be true, much like it was once a dark day for this Club, right now the light is shining.

I want to take this a little further, but I shouldn't. I'm trying to be only optimistic and having a pop at the CEO isn't needed. I think he's gone already.

A little like Ashley Young

The Club have just announced that Ashley is leaving Aston Villa. I think they did this last year also and he came back. I'm fairly sure they'll do this again. The manager has spoken too much about Ashley over the past few weeks not to want him back and he's performed too well as a back up this season to not get another.

Ashley hasn't left Aston Villa, this is a stunt. 

I think it's August

Right and now because I have a meeting to get to I think we play European football in August, home and away. Someone please correct me. I'm writing this because I have every intention of going to the away fixture. Who wants to join?

It might be tough to get a ticket, but it might also not be. All that said, if it is in August on the dates in question, I've booked myself as out of office. Who fancies a few pints somewhere warm? Are you with me?