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Whatever way you look at it, it's now a gamble

We all love Dean Smith and in an ideal world, we'd all love him to lead Aston Villa until he retires and we name a stand after him. But not everyone is cut out to manage and succeed in the Premier League.

And the thing is, it's not just one result that makes me write this. It's many things that tell us this and it isn't nice to write them all in one post, but there can be no mistake, if the Club don't act very soon, in all likelihood we will be relegated and from what I understand, not many want that.

And when I say 'all likelihood' I'm just looking at the numbers and the football. When we went 4-4-2 yesterday all we really did was open up the midfield. The manager after the game said it became end to end, it didn't. We just hit long to two players instead of one and we gave them an extra man in midfield.

Worse still, they know how to play football. They knew how to run into space. They new how to control the ball and they passed. They tore us a new one after that and it really wasn't nice to watch.

I should say as this stage that I honestly don't think it bothers me if he stays or is sacked or if we are relegated. Last season was one of the best League seasons I can remember in terms of wins and if we stay in the Premier League next season, we're likely not going to win more than if we were in the Championship. And as I live in Sweden, if we do go down, at least I get to see every match live. I honestly don't need to see Premier League football to support the Club and winning more than losing is more fun.

But yes, I want to see us competing at the very top of the game. But it's sad to write, that I don't think that will happen under Dean Smith. For that to happen in this day and age, you have to have the right manager. I like Dean Smith, he is my manager and if he stays, I'll not be disappointed. But if he is to stay, the Club have to come out and tell us that he is staying, so the supporters will know what they have to do.

The Club need to communicate with us. If Dean Smith is to remain as the manager of Aston Villa, we need to know this.

But if we do go down, we lose players. Sure, we will likely be able to bring in enough to challenge again, but what happens if we go back up? Is Dean Smith the right man and do we just go through this again. And if that all happens, do I want to go through this season again. Can anyone say they've enjoyed this season?

And the thing that I really don't like writing is that Dean Smith was probably never the right man to begin with. Look at Brentford now. Look at Brentford before Dean Smith. He hasn't really done anything in the game that proves he can put a team together and make them better. Then look at the games coming up. But you all know I like time. It could come right for Dean Smith given time. It could be all he needs. Football is a funny game.

But, right now, Dean Smith is the manager of Aston Villa. He's one of us. Because he is, he deserves our support. But to be able to give that, the Club need to tell us.

I wrote in December that I didn't think anyone would be surprised if Dean Smith was sacked and if it happened then, I think there is a chance we would be a lot higher up the table now. Right now, it's not about finding a manager for next season, it's about taking a chance on finding someone that can get this group of players to play a certain way to keep us up.

The Club may decide that is Dean Smith. But they have to tell us. If they do, while I know some are not going to like it, I suspect they will support him and for sure they'll support the Club.

Right now, looking at what we've done this season and what is coming up, it's a gamble either way. And there is a part of me that thinks there should be loyalty in the game. But there is also a part of me that thinks the owners don't want to be playing in the Championship next season. Either way and I'll write this again, they need to communicate with us. the not knowing is the worst part and it's not a difficult decision. It's essentially going with your gut. It's red or black.