VAR is going nowhere, so we have to be better at grinding out results

I had a post ready to publish after the West Ham game but ended up just leaving it. To say I was a little frustrated would have been an understatement. So rather than post, I took some time.

The thing is, the VAR decisions don't surprise me. When this began I wrote a post and nothing has really changed in my views, but it turns out that VAR is also making wrong decisions.

So if some go our way and some don't and VAR is also making mistakes, why are we even using it. What has changed?

Look, I'm a fan of technology and where it's taking us as a society. I embrace technology, but the technology has to be right and it should never be for technologies sake. There has to be a problem it is fixing or a need that I didn't know about. I look back and I see the need even if I didn't like it. But fast forward and I think it's clear it's not working because the need for VAR was to fix the wrong decisions. That isn't happening.

People are still complaining and moaning and even with the technology decisions are still wrong. That was the need. So how much longer do we have to experiment before it ends?

Why can't we just go back to the decisions on the pitch, in that moment, instead of having to wait three minutes to know if we've scored or not. VAR isn't ruining the game, it has ruined the game.

The problem is that decisions and investments have been made and now it doesn't matter what we think or what we say. The people running the game are in it for money and this is about some people making money. And probably lots.

Have to talk about results

We're 10th in the table at the moment and if we won our game in hand we would go fourth and that feels nice. But if Manchester United also win their game in hand, we're fifth. It's not a bad place to be, but we should be better. Results really do matter but if also feels as if we are due a win.

We wont get it this weekend, but we have to start grinding out wins and we have to be doing enough so VAR isn't a factor. I know it's easy to write, but blaming VAR is also easy. We need to be better than VAR. But VAR also needs to go. But it won't and because it wont that is why we need to be better than it. See what I did.

I'm going to open a bottle of wine now and drink until I fall asleep.