Webcam on O'Neill, O'Neill on Chumps League and Megan Fox on Aston Villa

I'm just out of bed and I know it is late but my head feels like it is going to explode, I can't swallow and every time I do it is just more phlegm. All I want to do is go back to bed, which I will do very soon, but you needed to see something today. It has made me feel a little better.

But, before we get to that, we need to get to the news and speculation. Actually, there isn't any. O'Neill has commented on the plan to have a play-off between the teams that finish fourth to seventh for the remaining Champions League place, Webcam has spoken of his gratitude towards O'Neill and Megan Fox has released a video - that is the thing you have to see.

Martin O'Neill on the Chumps League play-off speculation

It's quite interesting. I wouldn't knock it immediately, particularly if we finish seventh in the league! I know the team who finished fourth would be galled if that was the case, but if you knew the rules in advance at the start of the season then you know the parameters. It would be interesting to see what all the Premier League clubs thought about it, because there has to be 14 in agreement. Outside the top sides I think people might go for it.

I've called it the Chumps League since 2005 when Liverpool won it. Not because Liverpool won it, but because they finished fifth in the League that season and they still go in. This tournament isn't about the Champions - it is about money.

I would just love it if they game was no longer about money and I would live it even more if this tournament became about the real champions. Put the League and FA Cup winners in the tournament - forget about who finished second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh - they are not Champions.

I know it won't happen but it really is a bit of a joke these days.

Webcam on Martin O'Neill

A lot of people said I had a slow start to the season but I didn't think I did - and the manager didn't think I did. He's the one who picks the team and he's kept faith in me. When a manager puts so much faith in you, you want to repay him with good performances on the pitch and I definitely think I'm doing what I set out to do in every game. I'm really enjoying my football and obviously it helps when things are going well at the club. We've had two cup runs and we're doing well in the league. Everything is moving along nicely.

Followers will know I am a fan of Webcam. He really does has talent. He used to go down easier than a $5 crack whore and seemed to get injured every game before running it off almost immediately and all of that has now stopped now, which is good. However, the lad has had a slow start to the season, much like the second half of last season was slow, but that is also okay.

What needs to happen now is Webcam has to come good for the last thirteen League games and he really has to show his worth in the League Cup Final. There are ten other people on the pitch and they have a responsibility to come good through the season also and nobody is really doing it a the moment so we need a real winner to step forward and take control right about now and this would be an ideal time for Webcam or any other player - let's see if he can do it.

Megan Fox on the League Cup final

She hasn't come out and said it yet, but Megan Fox is an Aston Villa fan and {rokbox title=|Megan Fox :: Megan Fox is an Aston Villa fan| text=|if you look really close at this video| size=|854 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} (you might have to play it a few times), you will see the Aston Villa badge.

Aston Villa Glossary

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